Make life easier for yourself, cut costs and increase your conversion rate.

Manage courses


  • Class registers generated automatically for teachers
  • Attendance registration in class by teachers on mobile devices
  • Easy-to-edit courses and pricing gives you a competitive edge
  • Identity cards with photo ID for each student created automatically
  • Generation of certificates for students on course completion
  • Accommodation automatically processed from application details
  • Airport transfer lists generated with photo ID for easy identification

Manage payments


  • Payments made online and automatically recorded against the student/agent record
  • Offline payments (cheque, cash) can be entered against the applicant's record
  • Automatic chaser emails for payment of balances due
  • Automatic application of agent discounts
  • No invoicing or paperwork required (though invoices can be generated if required)
  • Easy access to real-time information on payments received, due and outstanding

Automated communications


  • No need to chase outstanding details or payments, automated emails do it for you
  • Easy to create and edit standard email templates, with your branding
  • Automatic prompts to approve new applications, pre-screened by Resirva
  • Automated emails to accept/decline applications

Great accessibility


  • You, your staff and applicants can access Resirva 24 hours a day, even when your school is closed
  • Accessible anywhere - in school, at home, or travelling on mobile devices
  • As many users as you need at no extra cost
  • Editable permissions to ensure only the right staff have access to the right data