What is Resirva?

Resirva is an online enrolment, administration and reporting system. It comprises a web-based front end, an intuitive content management system to enable you to manage all of your content quickly and easily, and a powerful database to drive communications and reporting. Read how Resirva saves your school time & money >>

How much do licences cost?

Unlike SaaS-based systems, there are no licences. You can have as many users as you want at no extra charge. Once we have built and delivered your Resirva, it's yours to use as you please. Read about other schools' return on investment >>

Can it manage online enrolments?

Yes, the entire enrolment process is managed online. Your prospects and agents can browse your courses, accommodation and any extras and complete their booking quickly and easily online. The enrolment process is then managed through Resirva - it's possible to manage an enrolment with a single mouse click. 3 ways Resirva helps the most >>

Can it manage online payments?

Yes, deposits, part- and full-payments can all be made quickly and securely using the payment gateway embedded in Resirva. This means it's easier for your students and agents and you get the money directly into your bank account as quickly as possible, helping cash flow. All payments are automatically logged against the applicant's record so you always know how much, if anything, is still due. Resirva includes the leading platform in online payment >>

How does it make payment more secure?

By integrating market-leading payment platform Flywire, Resirva brings you all the functionality, support and security of their system too. Students and schools can track payments at all times. Read more about guarding against scams and fraud >>

Can it integrate with accounting software?

Yes, subject to the nature of the software, though this is not included as part of the standard version of Resirva.

Is it cloud-based?

Resirva is an entirely web-based system. This means you're not tied to your desktop if you want to access it. You can use Resirva from any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile - from anywhere in the world as long as you have online access. So, if you're waiting for a flight at the airport and want to check how many bookings you've had today, you can access Resirva from your mobile and find out.

How long does it take to deliver?

It depends on the complexity of what you want. Typically it will take between 3 to 6 months to configure and deliver your Resirva system to your specification.

How much IT or other resource will I have to commit?

You won't need to commit any IT resource. We build your Resirva system and then hand it over to you, although we host it on our own secure servers. That means the responsibility for keeping it up and running is with us, not you. You will need to spend some time at the outset to set up your course, accommodation and other details but, once done, it's then a question of tweaking as you change courses or pricing.

Can you change course structures?

Yes, you have complete control over how you structure your courses. This includes setting parameters for the mix of students you want on each course - for example, age, gender, nationality, English language ability - and Resirva will then pre-screen applications for you based on these criteria. You can also gain a competitive edge with promotional pricing offers which are very simple to effect in the content management system.

Can agents use it?

Yes, you can set up your agents with their own log in details. They can then browse and choose courses, accommodation, transfers and other details for individuals or groups. They can make a single payment, even for groups, and their appropriate discount is automatically applied. All information and payments relating to agents can be accessed through real-time reports.

Does it manage visa and border control requirements?

Yes, students requiring a visa are identified in the application process. You can set a time limit for their application to be completed and trigger automatic reminder emails at specific times in the process. Read how Resirva automates visa reminders >>

Can I transfer my current data into Resirva?

If your data is in importable format (for example .csv or .xls) then it should usually be possible to import your data.

Do I have to have a new website?

No, we recognise it can be costly and frustrating if your school has recently invested in a new website and so Resirva can be accessed from your existing website. The applicant is then taken to new Resirva web pages for the application process, all of which are branded to look like a seamless part of your own school's website.  The Resirva Plus option includes a full integration and rebuild of your existing school website if it's due for an update. This delivers the best user experience and also allows you to use the intuitive content management system to manage all of your web pages, not just those relating to Resirva.

What training do you offer?

You will receive on-site training for all of your administrative users backed up by screen-sharing training as required. The content management system is intuitive to use and we typically find that schools pick it up very quickly. There is no extra cost for training, it's all included in the build price.

How easy is it to set up once we have it?

We work with you during the build process to define your course structures, accommodation requirements and any other details. We then create your version of Resirva, train you, hand it over to you for testing and then support you actively as you get up and running. From day one it's more about becoming familiar with the very intuitive and easy-to-use content management system than having to learn about complicated technical needs.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the option you choose but, whichever you opt for, it is an investment that will save you money and time. There is a one-off charge to build your Resirva system, the cost of which can be spread across 6 to 18 months if required. There is then an annual support and hosting fee which will vary depending on the complexity of your school and the number of users. Read how Resirva is saving other schools money >>

Does it have a CRM system?

The term 'CRM system' can mean different things to different people. Many of the standard communications required during the enrolment process are automated - for example, emails to accept or reject an application, reminder emails for outstanding payments due or additional details, such as transfers, as well as visa completion. The database is powerful and easily accessible, and can be used to select past prospects and applicants for marketing campaigns. It has not been designed, however, as an integrated marketing tool.

Can it cope with paper-based applications and offline payments?

Yes. Paper-based applications can still be processed in Resirva, your team will simply need to enter the application data into Resirva to ensure your data all sits in one easily-accessible place. Cheques and even cash can also be handled in the same way - you simply bank the money as you would normally do and enter the payment details against the applicant's record in Resirva to ensure all data is up to date and accurate. How Marlborough College combine online & offline with Resirva >>