How Resirva is an investment in money and time

Compared with SaaS-based licensed products on the market, Resirva is light years ahead in terms of functionality and how it delivers cost-saving value to your business every day.

With Resirva there are no license-per-user costs, which can rack up significantly. There is just the transparent, upfront cost of developing your Resirva system and a small monthly support & maintenance fee.

It is an investment other schools are making and will never regret:

  • St Edmunds College Summer School saved 50% of their administration costs through Resirva automating tasks that were previously manual and time-consuming. Read more >>
  • Marlborough College Summer School saved literally tens of thousands of pounds per year in merchant fees and bank charges through Resirva's market-leading Flywire payment solution. Read more >>

In both cases savings were also passed onto their clients and the customer experience greatly improved, leading to an upturn in conversion rates.

How Resirva works

By integrating and automating all of your administrative functions into one single system, Resirva drastically cuts the time and cost of administration

It gives you one-click enrolment approval, online payments straight into your account and automatic email chasers for things like payments, visa documents and missing information.

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