How does Resirva save my school money?

If you've managed to grow your student and course numbers using spreadsheets and log books, chances are you've started drowning in a nightmare of inaccurate data-entry, fraught follow-up phone calls and issues matching invoices to bookings and payments. Time-consuming in terms of admin and costly for your business because it gives your customer a poor experience.

Resirva solves all of these issues, saving time and money. In fact, in the case of St Edmund's Summer School, it saved them 50% of their admin costs.

By investing in a bespoke online admissions system, you gift yourself the priceless commodity of time, with added benefits you may never have considered. With the click of a button, you could:

  • Accept and process approved enrolments against pre-agreed applicant criteria such as age, gender, nationality and their ability in English.
  • Automate reminders for visas, travel and transfer details
  • Give agents automated discounts
  • Make live changes to courses and pricing
  • Take payments straight into your bank account
  • Get live reporting straight to your mobile

Whichever of the Resirva Options you go for, you could do all of this from any device, literally anywhere, at any time. Your conversion rates increase and your workload and administrative costs plummet.

Payments made easy

There is, however, an even more tangible way that Resirva helps your bottom line. In 2019 we partnered up with Flywire, a leading global payment solutions provider specialising in the education sector.

Put simply, by partnering with Flywire Resirva takes care of the money transfer side of things, so that schools no longer have to pay merchant fees to receive each payment and students no longer have to pay fees to send money. And neither the school nor the student pays for that service.

If a school has 1,000 students and they pay a £10 fee each time a bank transfer hits their account, that's a £10,000 cost. If a school has 30,000 students it's a £300,000 cost. With the Flywire solution integrated into Resirva, those costs disappear.

And if you're a smaller, independent school, simply knowing that every payment you receive will be a full and not partial payment is crucial because every minute of your time is important.

Transparent payment tracking that saves time

With zero visibility into a normal bank transfer, how do you now know the payment is on the way? With Resirva and Flywire you have a dashboard that administrators can use to see each student - or parent - transaction. Now you know where your money is and where it's coming from. That's a very real benefit, and another time-saver, and is all included with Resirva.

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