3 ways Resirva revolutionises your school bookings

A couple of years ago we realised that our summer and language school clients were facing similar problems and it felt like the story was on repeat. "We've grown our business but we've created an administrative nightmare."

Having grown, schools were finding themselves tangled up in disconnected spreadsheets, labour-intensive data entry, follow-up phone calls and a web of invoices and un-matched payments.

It was all creating time-consuming and costly extra work and a poor customer experience, so we built Resirva. Now our clients are enjoying many benefits in time and money-saving.

1. Resirva is single-click enrolment

  • Applicants (students, parents or agents) choose their courses and submit their basic information, which is accurate so saves time on admin
  • By automatically checking the applicant’s data against criteria set by the school for each course (age, nationality, gender, standard of English), Resirva saves more time. The system then sends automatic recommendations to the school, which simply accepts or declines the application. 
  • Successful applicants are invited to the next stage of enrolment, safe in the knowledge that their place is reserved, and because Resirva manages bookings in real-time there’s never the danger or disappointment of a class being double-booked or unavailable.
  • Declined applicants are notified automatically. 

2. Resirva eases admin, logistics and payment

  • Resirva allows applicants to finalise their course, accommodation, visa, transfer and payment choices online, and prompts them by email until all details are complete, saving the school time. (For those not online, it can also handle paper-based applications.) 
  • The system even generates and sends visa and border documentation.
  • By offering the Flywire payment platform, Resirva ensures payments are always full and fully traceable on both sides.
  • The payment platform avoids bank charges or merchant fees for both the school and the student. The student simply locks in an amount locally to pay the school's full invoice from a variety of different payment methods and the system does the rest. 
  • Agent discounts can be applied automatically.
  • If needed, Resirva can automate reminders telling applicants when and how much they need to pay.

3. Resirva runs your courses

  • From the course date, Resirva automates your class registers, identity cards, accommodation details and certificates, saving valuable time and ensuring 100% accuracy for class teachers and admin staff.
  • Resirva produces airport transport lists with photo IDs
  • The content management system gives you complete control over content and reporting, allowing you can train staff easily, grant different permission levels and set up standard and customised reports for things like course booking status, travel and transfer lists, class registers, payment details and financial reports.
  • As it's not a SaaS system, Resirva allows you to have as many administrative users as you need at no extra cost. 
  • Because it's all browser-based and responsive you can access Resirva at school, at home or on the move on any device.

To find out more about Resirva or to book a free demo please call us on +44 0117 332 5112, or visit resirva.com/free-demo and we'll get back to you.