How does Resirva guard against online fraud?

Partnering with global payment giant Flywire in 2019 confirmed Resirva as the best and safest solution for online admissions and enrolment software for schools. 

Now fully integrated with the Flywire platform, Resirva provides a fully secure and transparent international and domestic payment platform.

Prior to this, a typical enrolment solution offered a credit card option or simple bank-to-bank transfer. In both cases the customer (student or parent) and the company (language or summer school) were hit with merchant fees, and had no way of reconciling or tracking their payments. Essentially it was an invisible payment gateway.

Transparent and secure payment

Resirva's new payment plaform was set up by Flywire to tackle everything traditional bank-to-bank transfers weren't doing, and security is a major part of that. 

The platform creates transparency in the payment process allowing both the school and the student to know exactly what's going in or out of their account, and when.

The school processes clean money and the student cannot be taken advantage of by disproportionately high bank or merchant fees.

In a recent blog on the subject, Flywire’s Chief Compliance Officer Peter Butterfield, wrote: "In recent years, universities and schools have reported what seems to be a spike in tuition payment scams targeting college and university students. International students in particular appear to be a target for bad players trying to take advantage of unsuspecting young adults and their families navigating a variety of new situations in unfamiliar surroundings."

Beware payment scams

Scammers can take many forms. They sometimes represent themselves as government agencies threatening to revoke visas unless payments are made via hard-to-track methods; they have been known to approach students in visa lines at embassies posing as visa 'agents' offering discounts; and in the UK students have fallen victim to an email phishing scam offering fake tuition grants. 

The scams vary, but they keep emerging, and Flywire have laid out five common-sense steps to help students and parents protect themselves HERE >>

Partnering with Flywire in the area of course payment puts Resirva at the cutting edge of secure schools enrolment software solutions. The payment platform is also fully backed by 24/7 multi-lingual customer service support and a powerful global payment network that supports 150 currencies across 240 countries and territories. 

We are proud that with Resirva your payments are in safe hands. 

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